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General Tree Care

To help overcome transplant shock, you need to water heavily once or twice a week during dry periods.

Fertilize your tree when transplanted to help overcome transplant shock. Use a slow release formulation only.

Trim PINES in late June or early July ONLY. Trim only the NEW GROWTH. Trim annually to keep the fullness of your tree.

Deer will eat your PINES if they are hungry. Take steps to protect your tree (from fall until spring). PINES lose their old needles in September/October. This is normal.

Spruce Trees
Fertilize the same as the pines.

Trim your SPRUCE anytime after the new growth has hardened. Late July to spring. Do not trim after the buds have started growing in spring. Trim only the NEW GROWTH.

Deer "normally" will not bother SPRUCE trees.

We cannot guarantee dug trees, as we have no control over soil, weather, general care, planting, or maintenance conditions after the trees leave our farm. We will not replace trees that fail to live or thrive. However, we will say that the trees are freshly dug after you place your order for prompt delivery or pickup

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